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5:24 AM
Justin Bieber ♥
 Justin Bieber 
Pictures and Animations.
ნახეთ ყველამ 
ძალიან ბევრია 
იმედი მაქვს მოგეწონებათ 
ძალიან ბევრი ვიწვალე და არ გადააკოპიროთ 

@bellathornelovesyou: With @justinbieber!:)

Up early at The Magic Kingdom in Disney World
oh my gosh the notes :O
justin posted this picture :)
k pick me up in the rolls royce 
it seems like he was crying, but i think he was just tired..

lol good try
perfect quality

The first time I parked myself on the steps, I set my open my guitar case in front of me, hoping people would be nice and I’d come up with twenty bucks or so. After just a couple hours, I had almost $200… When I got home and shared this discovery with Mom, she was completely blown away and immediately started talking about responsibility and a college account and that sort of thing. I had another idea.
“We pull up to the studio and we all get out, and as we’re about to walk in this Range Rover pulls up, and Usher gets out. And Justin, he really, really looked up to Usher. I’m like, “Justin, don’t say a word.” Justin just freaks out. “Oh, my God, is that Usher? Is that Usher?” He’s, like, losing his mind. And he goes running right up to Usher and he goes, “Man, I’m one of your biggest fans. Can I sing one of your songs to you?” And I look at this kid like, “I just picked you up. I just told you not to do this.” Usher looks at him and he thought he was, like, my little cousin. He goes, “It’s cold outside, buddy. Don’t worry about it.” He pushes him aside and Usher goes into the studio and he starts his session. And I look at Justin, I was like, “I just told you not to sing for anybody.” And he goes “You said not to sing for Jarmaine. You didn’t say anything about Usher.” [..] Do you guys read the stats that kids are spending more time on the internet than they are watching TV? And the place where they’re watching most of their videos in Youtube? It was the most frustrating thing in the entire world. I said, “Well, maybe he needs a little credibility.” I started thing, who would be the perfect person? […] And he [Usher] looks at me and he goes, “Who is this kid?” And Justin kind of has a smile on his face. “You don’t remember? You blew me off outside of Jermaine Dupri’s studio.” And Usher was like, “Hey, Okay! - Scooter Braun. 
i love this edit

Doubles Candids: Zac Efron and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Alphabet | A - Awards

Alfredo Flores on Facebook

For you I’d write a symphony..

კატეგორია: ვარსკლავები ART | ნანახია: 651 | დაამატა: Miss_Cyrus | რეიტინგი: 5.0/3
სულ კომენტარები: 4
4 - ავტორი: XaaT1
(მასალა) თარიღი: (2011-12-04 10:12 PM)


rogor miyvars chemi juusoo..

2 - ავტორი: TwiliGhtFan
(მასალა) თარიღი: (2011-12-04 12:53 PM)


Sayvareliii <3

1 - ავტორი: mmaRi-JeLeNa
(მასალა) თარიღი: (2011-12-04 10:10 AM)


aauu...ro vvuyureb tandatan izrdeba da ufro miyvardabe chemi biChii....!!

3 - ავტორი: jelenatorN1
(მასალა) თარიღი: (2011-12-04 1:04 PM)


mec! ar mesmis rato unda gdzuldes is adamiani romelic arc ginaxavs, da arc daglaparakebia. chemi biwi!

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