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8:33 PM
Nicole Anderson News
*ახალი ფოტოსესია 

HeyItsNicoleA – Thanks yall! Loved answering ur questions. Make sure to catch the 2 

hr season finale of Make It or Break It tomorrow night on ABC Fam at 

HeyItsNicoleA – @iBiebCyrusSwift Do you sing?/ DEFINITELY no. lo[size=14]l. 

HeyItsNicoleA – @itsjustineexo What’s the most funniest movie you’ve seen?/ the 

hangover and pineapple express 

HeyItsNicoleA – @DieForJonas if u could have lunch with anyone dead of alive, it 

would be? …/ audrey hepburn 

HeyItsNicoleA – @BelieveInJ0NAS If you could go to the past, where would you go? (:/ 

to king henry viii court in the 1500s 

HeyItsNicoleA – @callmenikkii Music, or TV?/ music <3 

HeyItsNicoleA – @helloitsbethany Favorite Band?/ the yeah yeah yeahs, wakey wakey, 

tegan and sara, florence and the machine, STATES 

HeyItsNicoleA – @BreatheForJonas Favorite Ice cream!?/ Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle 


HeyItsNicoleA – @BlakeKSnyder Sushi or Pizza?/ Holy cow that’s a tough one! I 

thinkkkkk I’m gonna have to go with sushi. No wait, pizza. Okay fine, sushi. 

HeyItsNicoleA – @meetmebini What is your favourite movie recently?  i love you.(:/ 

Recently? Hmmm… I really enjoyed Rio. 

HeyItsNicoleA – @DABieberParty what is your Favourite TV program?/ Dexter, One Tree 

Hill, True Blood, The Tudors, Friday Night Lights, Portlandia 

HeyItsNicoleA – @sophlynch favorite concert you’ve attended? <3/ paul mccartney, 

florence + the machine and tegan + sara 

HeyItsNicoleA – @OrtizOrtiz have you ever heard of Two Door Cinema? If song what’s 

your favorite song?/ Undercover Martyn 

HeyItsNicoleA – @MelodySBH favorite board game?/ it’s not a BOARD game but my fav is 

catch phrase biggrin

HeyItsNicoleA – @Missay_ are you excited for summer?/ so stoked. it’s my favorite 


HeyItsNicoleA – @Sasha143codyJB if u had a superpower, what would it be? xoxo/ 


HeyItsNicoleA – @HoppyxD what’s your favourite thing about working on make it or 

break it? :)/ the cast + crew. they’re all so sweet & fun to work with! 

HeyItsNicoleA – @AlexStoj What would you say was the most exciting bit of shooting 

Redline?/ It challenges me both emotionally & physically 

HeyItsNicoleA – @HERbosa if you weren’t an actor, what would you prob be doing now?/ 

going to school. i’d also love to be a wedding planner. 

HeyItsNicoleA – @Saskaurrr Would you rather visit the bottom of the ocean or outer 

space? :)/ space, fer sure! ocean creatures freak me out. 

HeyItsNicoleA – @LightOutGabby What do you do in your free time?!/ Hang out with 

friends, sew or paint, work out, read, go to concerts, shopping 

HeyItsNicoleA – @DABieberParty what is your all time favourite song?/ Just Like 

Heaven by The Cure 

HeyItsNicoleA – @theycallmeticia A princess who defines you? I love you so much ♥ 

gyfy/ Princess Belle! I always loved her strength and wit 

HeyItsNicoleA – @xsweetmelody what’s your favourite store? (:/ Urban Outfitters, 

Brandy Melville, AllStaints, Forever 21, Anthropologie, Zara, Bloomingdales 

HeyItsNicoleA – @AVAPAYDAR @HeyItsNicoleA what’s your favourite character you’ve ever 

played/ I’d have to say the one I’m working on now. Tori for Red Line 

HeyItsNicoleA – @WeAdoreCelebs @HeyItsNicoleA Who is your BFF? ♥/ they are 

@Britrivera @MackenzieWaroe @laurengibsonnn @GraceGillard @Steelaw 

HeyItsNicoleA – Sunday Twitter Spree? Answering questions now. GO! 

*ნიკოლის ტატუები 

ნიკოლს ასევე 2 ტატუ აქვს, STAY TRUE მარჯვენა მკლავზე და ყვავილებიანი ორნამენტები მკერდის დაბლა 

*ნიკოლი საქველმოქმედო წვეულებაზე 

*ორი ახალი პერსონალური ვიდეო 

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